LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload Ep. 2



"I know, I know. Don’t worry, it isn’t school business. And I let Bobby take over for a bit. Just wanted to come say hi and see how your day off’s goin."

       ”Now that’s what I like ta’ hear.” A pause, accompanied by a slight frown upon his features. “‘cept for the Bobby takin’ over part. I’m doin’ alright; ain’t missin’ teachin’ the kids english/theoretical combat 101 just yet.” 

There really only was one way to welcome her whenever she graced him with her presence. 


        “–– Here, kitty kitty.” 



"Guten Tag mein fruend."


         ”Right back at ya, Fuzzy.” 



     "….Right. Well." He straightened up, sheathing his sword with one smooth motion as he brushed off his tunic. "As I’ve said before, welcome to Narnia. I am King Peter, and if you like, I can accompany you to my castle to give you a place to rest before you continue on your way."

      “A king? Yer kiddin’, right?” Not only did the boy look old enough to steal wear diapers –as far as Logan was concerned– but he also claimed that the temperamental man had been transported into a world where kings and castles were still a thing.

             ”––– Tell me yer kiddin’, kid.”  



          The sarcasm was dully noted and she had to suppress a sharp remark of her own.  And she has plenty.

                   ”I don’t know, maybe I like it and might want to look for something similar.
Because us kids like to get the things they want.”

      Seems like he managed to push a button there, huh?

           ”Like my jacket that much, kid?”

     Well, guess who was gonna get called kid all the time now. 


      “If this is school business, ya gonna have ‘ta wait until tomorrow. It’s Sunday. Yer the one dealin’ with them on weekends.” 

       ”–– That seat taken?” 



     “Don’t I always if I take the time to look you up?”

     Oh, great. A skilled assassin. He was beginning to miss those.

           ”Cut to the chase, Elektra.” 

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